Eagle Scouts

This page contains Eagle Scout information and pictures from our last two Eagle Court of Honors and a listing at the bottom of the page of Troop 558's Eagle Scout Honor Roll.

Click here for a how to guide with Eagle Scout Tips from your Eagle Scout Coordinator Dave.
Michael Brown received his Rank of Eagle on October 21st, 2008. His Eagle Court of Honor was held on November 23rd 2008 at the United Methodist Church. His Eagle Scout Project was a landscape project on the north side of the chuch with flowers, tree, shrubs, plants, benches and a water fountain. The area can be used for meditation and fellowship.
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Stephen received his Rank of Eagle Scout on January 19th, 2009. His Eagle Court of Honor was held on May 8th, 2009 at the Mondamin City Park.  His Eagle Project was the restoration of many flags and flag poles in the local cemetary as well as the planting of many trees.
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Troop 558 Eagle Honor Roll
Mitch Keizer  11/20/07          
Tayor Hawley  3/20/07
Chris McIntosh  3/20/07
Austin Heim 1/22/06
Zane Van Riper 2/22/04
David Dempsey  2/5/03          
Christopher Reinken  6/10/02
Charles Ellithorpe  5/22/02          
Andrew Lewis  5/6/02
Brandon Thomas 2002
Myddin McHugh  6/3/01
James Dorland  6/15/01 
Dean Aydelott  1/18/99
Ben Dempsey  1/8/97
Adam Johnson  8/26/96
Brian Hoffman  8/26/96    
Craig Gochenour 7/10/95
John  Walsh 1995 
Jason  Walsh 1992
Kenneth Seitz 1992
Kane Seitz 1992
Michael Dorland  1992
Douglas Hatfield 1989
James Carter 1989
Danny Clark Jr. 1989
Bruce Johnson 1987
Russell Reisz 1887
Kevin Obrecht 1971
Jeffrey Shinner 1971